HO Yuk Ming, Bess graduated at Liverpool Polytechnic (England) – Art faculty with B.A. (Hons.) degree from the Council for National academic Award. London. In the same year, her design was shortlisted by The Royal society of Arts, London.

She worked as a designer in London and Como in Italy.

In Hong Kong, she obtained certificates in ceramic, sculpture and printmaking; diplomas in Macromedia and Photoshop/Illustrator

Bess Ho has won many prizes in competitions. She was awarded first prize twice in creative lanterns; first prize in printmaking and got shortlisted in creative tea-wears

In recent years she runs educational art workshops and programs for primary and secondary students

She has regular workshops and exhibitions in Hong Kong and China


Artist Statement

Actually, cat was born free and used to live in the wild. It happened long time ago when cat lives under man’s roof and treated as pet.

History recorded that cat became domesticated, and stated a significant relationship with human being, from the time of ancient Egypt. Apart from catching mouse at the barn of farm, he has become adorable icon in public and worship goddess in temples, and even buried as mummy in the tomb together with his master.

Nowadays, cat lives more splendid lives; it is either being taken care of like a baby in the home or indulgenced as a princess in the palace by cat aficionado. 

Unfortunately, it can be abused or harmfully injured by cat odium.

Since cat has lost both of its rightful power, or freedom to choose; its density is being followed by the desirer and behavior of his master.

I neither raise nor have much knowledge about cat, I only observe reports of their daily encounters, from which I have expressed some of my personal and controversial issues.