“Direction: Print. Hybrid” Exhibition

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Exhibition period: 15-24 November 2014

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 am-9:00 pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Address: Exhibition Hall, The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre,
7A, Kennedy Road, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Ceremony and Preview Tea Reception

at the Exhibition Hall, The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
on 15 November 2014 (Saturday) at 3:00 p.m.

Guests of Honour

Professor Kwok-kan Tam
(Dean and Chair Professor, School of Arts & Social Sciences, Open University of Hong Kong)

Ms. Jessie So
(Assistant Curator 1, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre)

Organizer: Art Horizon Printmaking Workshop


John Li

In art creation, there is no boundary in the use of materials & forms of presentation. I use the same painting practice in both lithograph and ink painting. A print is like a painting, inscriptions and colors can both be applied. In today’s art scene, a print can virtually be a painting.

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Wing Man Chung

Monoprint is my favorite art form. The unique image could be created by the repelling effects of ink and turpentine; further, the accentuating the images with relief, transfer, stencil, planographic techniques, and the atmosphere of nature could be depicted.

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Kwai Shun Ma

City life has become my central interest in thematic expression in recent years. After using brush pen and digital camera to study various topics, I transformed them by computer for further development and relief printmaking. I enjoyed the whole exploration process which also reinforced my motive in studio practice.

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Jane Liu

Contemporary science and technology are incessantly developing and revolutionizing. Contemporary art is also continuously looking for new artistic concepts, creating works that are in line with new media and new materials. Recent work is created by Lithograph and iPrint with other materials to interpreted my concept.

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Sally Tsang

Printmaking fascinated me due to its remarkable artistic expression, its spontaneity and its flexibility. My works reflect my own impulses, imagery and narrative. They represent an innovative approach to marks making. For me, the creative process is a visual adventure, a spiritual path to free the inherent potentiality and imagination.

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Cheng Mui Liu

The beauty of human bodies is always an object of my exploration. Body language with its dynamic rhythms never fails to bring me reverie. The motivation behind the series of Dancing Images came from the characteristic effects of splicing, overlaying or superimposing of prints. One plate or one figure can make indefinitely numerable patterns. Dynamic movements, and perhaps unlimited spaces, can reveal themselves from within the static images.

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Bess Ho

My Parkdscape
Most people like to get close to nature. For those who work in city may not be able to visit the countryside too often. And the park is built within the unban area, so that the local residents can access daily.

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Wendy Wong

Excessively interwoven city construction has created awkwardly chaotic but visually inspiring scenes of an urban circus. The limited space inverts to spark boundless imagination.

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Terence Leung

One of the responsibilities of an artist is to be honest – an artist should be honest to himself and express his feelings and observations of life through his works. It is the courage and fearlessness in an artist’s work that makes an art piece priceless. I wish that art can act as a light source in the darkest hours of our city.

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