LIU Siu Jane, Jane  |  MA Kwai Shun  | LI Tung Keung, John  |  WONG Lai Lan, Wendy  |  HO Kai On, Dennis  |  HO Yuk Ming, Bess  |  WONG Kee Kwan  |  Sally TSANG  |  CHUNG Wing Man  |  LIU Cheng Mui


Work of LIU Siu Jane, Jane

Dancing in Water series

Displaying a dancing rhythm like that of ballet dancers, using the subtle variations between soft and tough, soild and void, light and shade, to express the self-assured contentment and joy derived.


Metaphor series

Borrowing from Chinese traditional pictorial symbols to express the artist’s personal interpretation of life/living.

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Work of MA Kwai Shun

In recent years, I like to produce mono prints by using water-based colour wood block printing approach which was developed in traditional Chinese folk prints. Both complete and amorphous imageries were produced in different formats by varying the inking area and tone – either fully inked or partially inked and then printed out as monoprints or later used for further development.


Transient Landscape:〈City Imagery Series〉

“City Space” and “City People” are the two major components of the theme. The works serve as a personal visual diary recording the densely populated spatial environment and the high pressure and acute stress that city people have to bear. To some extent, they also reflect some of the social phenomenon and local issues.

Various media are explored including photography, computer and digital media.


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Work of LI Tung Keung, John

Using Chinese brush and ink to express the figurative form through abstract expression.

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Work of WONG Lai Lan, Wendy

Emotion Series

Life experiences, impromptu inspirations, inexhaustible exploration of colors, texture, layers and…… All put together to make infinite stories.

Figure Series

Moments captured, stories displayed…

Walled Building Series

Combining different art media such as printmaking, painting & sculpture to depict the influence of urban construction on human life and the natural ecology

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Work of HO Kai On, Dennis

It concerns my individual spatial world, my dream and subconscious self. They include different sections of my experiences. Recent years my art works are characterized by using of expression.

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Work of HO Yuk Ming, Bess

Cat’s life becomes splendid under man’s roof. Cat aficionado treat cats as a baby or princess, while cat odium will try to abused them. From an observer’s point of view I have expressed some of my personal and controversial issues.

My Landscape

Man lives in the world of nature intimately, if the working class, who lives in the urban city wants to get close to nature often, all they need to do is to visit the “artificial nature” built within the surrounding town – the park.


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Work of WONG Kee Kwan

Fascinated by printmaking while learning in University. Though mostly using computer to create now, still repeatedly trying to capture the feeling and taste , that should be uniquely seen in traditional prints, to reappear in mass printing media.

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Work of Sally TSANG

Printmaking fascinated me due to its remarkable artistic expression, its spontaneity and its flexibility. My works reflect my own impulses, imagery and narrative. They represent an innovative approach to marks making. For me, the creative process is a visual adventure, a spiritual path to free the inherent potentiality and imagination.

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Work of CHUNG Wing Man

Monoprint is my favorite art form. The unique image could be created by the repelling effects of ink and turpentine; further, the accentuating the images with relief, transfer, stencil, planographic techniques, and the atmosphere of nature could be depicted.

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Work of LIU Cheng Mui

The beauty of human bodies is always an object of my exploration. Body language with its dynamic rhythms never fails to bring me reverie. The motivation behind the series of Dancing Images came from the characteristic effects of splicing, overlaying or superimposing of prints. One plate or one figure can make indefinitely numerable patterns. Dynamic movements, and perhaps unlimited spaces, can reveal themselves from within the static images.

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